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August 29, 2012
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The ABC Powers Latin Hetalia. by Iskimil The ABC Powers Latin Hetalia. by Iskimil
If you don't believe me here's the information:

The ABC Nations are Argentina, Brazil and Chile, that's where the name come from (such an original name). They made a treatment in 1914 (or 15 I'm not really sure) to work together to develop common interest and to resist United states influence in the region :iconhorrifiedamericaplz:

Maybe someday I'll make more comics about these three.

Traducción español:
Argentina: Bien ahora que Brazil ha confirmado estamos listos para comenzar! Potencias A!
Brazil: B!
Chile: C!... Esperemos que funcione.
Argentina: Tiene que funcionar.
Chile: umm.
Brazil: Si
Estados Unidos: que m**rda.

Tradução português: By :iconyomokochan:
Argentina: bem, agora que o Brasil comfirnou estamos prontos pra começar. Poderes do A!
Brasil: B!
Chile: C!... Tomara que funcione
Argentina: Tem que funcionar.
Chile: umm.
Brasil: Sim
Estados Unidos: que m*rda.

Argentina (Facundo) © :iconvtophya:
Brazil (Luciano da Silva) © :iconhinata-neko:
Chile (Benjamín Muñoz) © :iconiskimil:
:iconamerica-plz: United States (Alfred F. Jones) and Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:
Art © :iconiskimil:

ABC It's easy as 123, nananana do re mi, ABC, 123 baby you and me giiiirl....
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No importa cuantas veces lo vea, sigo matandome de la risa xD
I love Alfred' s reaction, "The fuck?"
My god... That's just awesome. Thank you for drawing it! It made my day. Lol, ABC xD
Iskimil Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! ^^ glad you like it :)
Eres chilena? Cause I'm chilean... (I mean because of your avatar...)
no XD Actually, I'm from Poland c: But I roleplay Chile on one Polish pbf and I'm in love with that character and in love with your country. I wish I could go to Chile someday ^^'
Iskimil Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:O That's interesting! Well, your welcome to come whenever you want, eat some empanadas and drink some wine or a mote con huesillo :la: :XD:
And you may like this group as well :iconaphchilextheworld:
spam spam spam spam :XD:
It'll probably never happen cause Poland and Chile are far away from each other... Long flight and expensive probably. I'm not sure if I could afford it. All I have is hope~
I'm afraid I'm too young for wine |D But maybe, maybe.
Thank you~ I will think about joining c:
It'll probably sound strange but I'm so excited talking to you. You know, I have never really speak with anybody from Chile and I'm like "ohmygodohmygodohmygod". Forgive me if I'm acting like an idiot XD
Iskimil Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well then when your older and you can afford for it! :la:
Don't worry :XD:, you see it's really strange that people from countries like poland and europe in general get interested in our country, and it's always fun to talk to foreingers so.. I'm excited as well ^^
I get what you mean xD Even me family found it strange that I’m interested in Chile and I can’t blame them for that. But I got my reason- very stupid one. I just started to roleplaying him with a OC that was already created. It’s fun cause he is just awesome XD And one day I though: ‘Hell, I’ve been playing him for a year and I know nothing about him’. So I read some articles about Chile, about its history and I watched some videos and I think your country is amazing. Even if me knowledge is still poor.
… It’s just a suggestion but maybe we should talk by notes? Cause this comments are getting bigger and biggeeeer and they have nothing to do with your comic c:
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